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Merger And Demerger

Merger And Demerger

Mergers are very public events that significantly alter the future valuation of the merged businesses. It is very important to get off on the right foot. We provide complete Merger and Demerger services to corporate groups which comprises of

  • Feasibility study of Financial Merger and Demerger exercise
  • Corporate and tax planning
  • Dealing and liaison with
    • Official Liquidator attached to Honâ��ble High Court.
    • Honâ��ble High Court of Judicature.
    • Registrar of Companies.
    • Regional Director.
    • Court Appointed Auditor, Chairman etc.
  • Handling board meetings, arranging misc. meetings with shareholders, creditors.
  • Preparing scheme of amalgamation and demerger & getting it approved from various sources.
  • We also provide after merger Integration through our Merger & Demerger Services.

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